When it comes to giving our children a chance to succeed, we’re all in it together. This is why Westwood Preparatory Academy has created an all-in-one solution that exceeds the education requirements set for alternative educational settings. Plus, we’re the only school district in Ohio created specifically to educate children in non-traditional settings. Our revolutionary “school-in-a-box” program is easy to implement and comes complete with classroom setup, teachers and curriculum, supporting technology, plus everything that a student needs to learn and become a more well-rounded individual. Best of all, there’s no cost for this turnkey solution.

Our services are listed below:

Custom Program Design—Custom educational program to fit the needs of your facility and your students Transition Services—When they leave the CRCs, our students are able to attend our partner brick-and-mortar schools and we facilitate the transition
Seamless Integration—Our understanding of behavioral disorders allows us to integrate the facility’s behavioral systems into the classroom Career Technical Education—Westwood offers several on-site Career Technical Pathways which allow our students to earn a recognized industry credential and a high school diploma.
Direct instruction provided by High Qualified Teachers (HQT) Teachers
Therapeutic Electives—
Participation in structured physical activity that focuses students on respect and self-discipline
Differentiated Instruction—Our HQT teachers immediately provide hands-on, differentiated instruction right in your facility Therapeutic Services—Speech, occupational and physical therapy and services on-site in accordance with the student’s IEP
Special Education Service and Delivery—As part of Westwood Preparatory Academy’s “school-in-a-box” approach, an on-site Special Education Coordinator will facilitate the Special Education Process as applicable from an initial evaluation to simply adopting existing IEPs to reflect the current setting Supportive of Trauma-Informed Care and Education

Credit Recovery, Credit Flex, Dropout Prevention, and College Prep