Westwood’s mission is to inspire hope through education

We’re All Made of Stars

There’s science behind this statement. Think about it. Almost every element on earth was formed in the heart of a star. The carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in our bodies, as well as the atoms of all other heavy elements—they were all created over 4.5 billion years ago in previous generations of stars. When you see a star in the night’s sky, it’s because of energy created from a nuclear fusion reaction in its core. Stars that become supernovas eventually explode—releasing every natural combination of element and isotope outward for millions and millions of miles. Now, take these tiny star particles and fast forward to today. Everyone and everything on earth is essentially made of stardust. That light is inside you. And the things you can do with it are not only amazing—they’re absolutely stellar.

There’s something within every child—a light that shines when fueled by core subjects and core values. Combine reading, writing, and math with integrity, dedication, and respect and great things are bound to happen. That potential has the power of a billion stars. It can spark goals, ignite confidence, and propel students further than they ever imagined. Every child deserves a bright future, so let’s start by opening their hearts and their minds. Westwood Preparatory Academy unleashes the power from within.

Shine on.